Fall, labradoodles, kitchens, and excellence


whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. – Philippians 4:8

Welcome to The Fall, right here in beautiful Wake Forest. Autumn is possibly my favorite season of the year; at least, it is today. This comes, I believe, from having lived in Florida so many decades, and – consequently – not experiencing the delicious delight of a cool September morning, or the glory of changing leaves.

So I really, really, enjoyed my 54-degree walk with Scout today. And I’m looking forward to fresh air all day as the temperature pushes all the way up to – maybe – 69 or 70.

IMG_5003Scout, as you can see, is very happy to flop herself on the deck. She picks up the pine straw like she’s made of velcro, then redistributes it a piece at a time when she gets back into the house.

But the deck is the perfect venue for morning coffee with Rebekah, sharing a devotional time together, and peacefully looking into all the potential the new day offers.

WORK: Back in the kitchen, we worked hard all weekend, taking care of putting tile on the back-splash (Rebekah) and painting; and painting; and painting (both of us).

from the dinning room - coming together...
from the dinning room – coming together…

The tile turns out to have been handmade in Ravenna, one of our favorite stops in the recent Italy Adventure. Rebekah admired the 5th century tile so much that we both suggested “borrowing” 50-sq-ft or so of it from one of the amazing Byzantine churches! Imagine our delight when the tile she selected turned out to have been produced in the same city – albeit in the 21st century.

Things are definitely coming together. Right now it’s up to the electrician to hang lights and install appliances, the cabinet-maker to trim out his work, and then the flooring people to sand and finish the hardwood. I’m thinking two weeks, tops.

REBEKAH: I must admit I’m consistently blown away by Rebekah’s ability to tackle pretty-much any task she sets her mind to. Other than the tiling, she’s also cutting to size and refinishing some old boards she plans to use for a “rough look” set of open shelving.

IMG_4980And the kitchen design is all hers. Rebekah has the vision to see things other people can’t even imagine. When its done they say, “Wow! That’s a great idea. Why couldn’t I see that?” She even had to sell the cabinet-maker on the concept. But the result is going to be spectacular, and he’s already said he wants photographs so he can sell the idea to other homeowners.

LIFE/EXCELLENCE/GOOD: The bottom line here is that, yes, life is good. But, also, life is better when we are committed to excellence in all things.

God didn’t create us for half-measures. The gifts we have been blessed with are ours so they can be enjoyed, and they are given in order to be shared.

So let’s enjoy a “the best we have to offer” kind of a day. – DEREK



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