if you’re not learning, you’re not really alive!

Every time I go to the museum it is a different experience. This time I took the grandchildren and everything was coated with a fresh layer of wonder. Everything, and I mean everything, was worth a second look, or maybe a third.

For Beks it is all about the initial excitement, the “wow”, the visceral interaction and then moving on. David, however, wants to examine closely, to walk around the exhibit pondering, to figure out exactly what’s going on, and to understand.

1-IMG_0189For both of the children the North Carolina Museum of Natuaral Sciences was full contact, absorbing, and loads of fun. We were in the museum over three hours and they didn’t complain once.

Learning, for me, is one of the critical signs of life. Like air, water, and food, learning is foundational to what it means to be alive.

So this time, rather than post pictures of the exhibits, I’ve collected a few images that tell the story of how David and Beks responded to the learing environment.

1-IMG_0229-001And for me – in case you are wondering – my favorite exhibit was the “piled high” roast-beef sandwich I chomped down on at the cafe.

No, I’m not getting anything else done this week! But these kids are the best, I’d take them to another museum in a heartbeat.

“Granddaddy Derek”

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