a brief glimpse of wonder

We may not have a lot of direct sunshine for tomato plants and a lush lawn, but the benefits of living in the woods far outway the limitations. There is the beauty, the shade, the sense of not being on top of our neighbors, and – one of my favorites – the wide variety of birds.

This month, however, the bird population is scarce with the exception of one. And that’s alright because every summer we are privileged to a front row seat for the splendid hawk show after our magnificent friends move in at the end of June and pretty much take over the woods until some time around Labor Day.

And our garden is the center of operations. They sit on the deck and chat, perch on the fence, nest in the huge tulip poplar, and methodically reduce the squirrel (and other vermin) population much to my delight.

The only devotional angle in this post is my constant wonder at the beauty of creation. Enjoy these few photos. I am sure I will be posting more over the next few weeks.

Peace and blessings – DEREK


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