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Enjoy a little Halloween cuteness!

  • Note: this post is certified “lite.”

If you’re interested in my general thoughts on Halloween you can read last week’s post – “What’s okay about Halloween, and what’s not”. Essentially, I believe the observance works best when it’s about fun for the youngest children and finds its expression as a community fall celebration. Wednesday evening Rebekah and I would have given anything to see our grandkids show up at our front door to say, “trick-or-treat!

1-IMG_1524But this has been a travel week for us, so we have had to settle for photographs. Fortunately, Naomi delivered some good ones and I’m passing them on in this post.

The bottom line here is that Rebekah and I are beyond grateful that our grandchildren are within reach, that they are happy and loved, and that understanding God’s goodness and great love for them is a central fact of their life.

Understanding God’s goodness and great love for them is a central fact of their life….

I should be back at my desk tomorrow morning, so I promise a post inspired by our seminar at Columbia. For today, though, just enjoy the irrepressible cuteness of Harry Potter and Rapunzel, or is it Elsa? I’m really not sure.

(all photographs courtesy of Naomi Campbell)

Peace, and more peace, always – DEREK


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