listen – I can already hear the angel voices…

I’m not sure where you stand on this whole, “It’s too early for Christmas” continuum. But I’ve decided it’s really more of a moving target. Sometimes even mid-December seems too early then – another year – I just can’t wait.

Well this year looks to be a green light for getting the ball rolling right now, and there are a couple of factors that have contributed.

  • First, construction and rehearsals are well underway at our church for the annual “Walk Through Bethlehem” experience, our Christmas card to the community. We offer it early (this year it’s Nov 30 through December 2) because we want people to have an up-front opportunity to get the story right and head into the holidays with the good news about Jesus front and center.
  • Then Rebekah and I wandered into Lowes the other day to check out the decorations. And there, right in the middle of the palm trees, Christmas reached outand grabbed our heartstrings.
Rebekah being accosted by Christmas

Yes, I know it’s only November 18 and this week it’s going to be Thanksgiving. I promise we’re not going to let that beautiful celebration of gratitude be absorbed into the Christmas machine and come out the other end boxed, wrapped in a bow and covered in tinsel. But I am beginning to feel a very real glow of anticipation.

I simply can’t stop myself. This year, for me, Thanksgiving can’t help but be the perfect prelude for Advent. Think about it… could there be any better way to get our hearts ready to receive the newborn king other than first filling them with gratitude?

The initial order of business, though, is to show up at church for worship today. On my gratitude checklist, the community of faith always ranks close to the top. How could any single one of us possibly stay away…?

Listen, I can already hear the angel voices…

Sanctuary choir


  1. It’s never too early for Christmas! Welcoming the Christ presence into the world and my life is something I build my entire life around — it’s not just an event to celebrate once a year. It’s sad when the “Christmas season” when we try to be kinder, gentler and speak of Peace on Earth comes to an end and we put the baby away and get back to business as usual. I leave what most people would call Christmas decorations up all year — they are mostly angels and nativities. The lighted star and angel in the front window usually go up “early” and come down “late.” This year I think I’m just going to leave them up all year. They help remind me that I am called to be light in this dark world.

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