Stay awesome, young people – we need you :-)

You are young, but don’t let anyone treat you as if you are not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them by what you say, by the way you live, by your love, by your faith, and by your pure life. – 1 Tim 4:11-13

This has been an interesting week so far. We’ve had to deal with fraud on our bank card, people claiming to be Rebekah sending emails asking for money, and a credit card opened in my dad’s name he knew nothing about.

Add to that multiple deadlines for writing assignments, appointments made back when I didn’t know today would be so busy, plus the sudden realization that it’s now exactly ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! and you will understand why I have gone just a little bit bonkers.

1-IMG_2158So thank goodness for our church youth and their Random Acts of Kindness initiative. One of the 9th-grade groups stopped by our house, sang to Rebekah, and left notes all over the place.

My favorite was the “Stay Awesome” sticky note they put on my car (Because you don’t tell someone to “stay” awesome unless you think they already are!).

These kids are the best, and I think about them every time I hear some tired, hackneyed, lost in the fake news that is nostalgia older person complain about “the youth of today…” Give me a break! Give the kids a break! Give yourself a break! Don’t grumpy older people say that about every new generation? Good grief, there is so much life, and compassion, and capacity for service, and generosity of spirit in the young people I know and I’m seriously tired of hearing people complain.

So here’s my deal for our church youth. Ready? Here it is: “I promise to stay awesome if you will too.”

Because there’s no doubt that you already are. You kids are a gift to the world. Now there’s something to live into!

Peace and more – Derek

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