First check-in from Europe

Andrew and Alicia’s street

Okay, patient readers. Here is my first check-in from the Germany trip. I don’t have my computer with me so I’m going to share a few cell-phone images. All the (so far amazing) Nikon photographs will have to wait for our return to North Carolina.

My plan is to borrow my son Andrew’s computer (thanks a bunch) every 2-3 days so that I can post to this blog occasionally, just to keep in touch.

Arrival and Overwhelm:

great to see Andrew at the Prague airport

So the flight over was smooth but missing one night of sleep certainly left us reeling. But Andrew drove to Prague to meet us and we were at their delightful Dresden apartment in time for lunch.

There is no baby yet, but Alicia looks both wonderful and very ready.

We love the neighborhood. It’s noisy, on a busy street, most definitely an urban vibe. But there’s a bakery next door, trams going by, bicycles everywhere, and teeming with vibrant life.

We spent the late afternoon on a walking tour of old Dresden. The place is – and you’ll have to take my word for it because I’ll be sharing most of the photos after we return – spectacular.

Here are some cell-phone photos. I’ll try to check in again in a couple of days.

Peace and more peace – DEREK

2 thoughts on “First check-in from Europe

  1. Robin Roper

    Wonderful reunion. Keeping you all in our prayers. Saw your parents yesterday at the Healing and Wholeness service. A good turn out and grateful attendees.


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