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45 new travel images from Dresden, Meissen, Leipzig, and Prague

Enjoy some of the spectacular beauty we were privileged to see.
There is always something going on with construction and restoration in Dresden

Today’s entry is one of two “wrap-up” posts for our epic 2019 European adventure. My recent archives feature an extensive selection of stories and photographs covering Dresden, Meissen, Leipzig, and Prague.

All I have left to share is:

  • A) Today’s collection of (the best) previously unpublished photographs (descriptions with each image).
  • B) My post summarizing the travel portion of the trip (planes, trains, buses, trams, cars, waking).

So Much Worth Sharing!

1-DSC_0784The real challenge for this trip has been the fact that I took too many really great photographs! First, the places we traveled to were exceptionally photo-worthy; then – and not really a problem – I have significantly improved my technique when it comes to framing the view through my lens.

Rebekah walking by the Elbe

So here are 45 of the best, just a sampling covering the entire trip. You may have noticed that I removed my watermark (it seemed to be in the way). Feel free to copy and utilize any of the images that you enjoy – all I ask is that you take a moment to attribute any photographs you use.

Enjoy some of the spectacular beauty we were privileged to see. Then make plans for a trip of your own. Maybe you will fall in love with Eastern Europe too.

Grateful, and happy to share – DEREK



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