Fred Rogers: “God’s revealing evidence is everywhere – if only we would open our eyes.”


The saga continues: There is still a lot to deal with around here that’s stressful and more than a bit of a challenge – it just happens to be the nature of life as of late – but God continues to give me so many reasons to be thankful. God’s revealing evidence is everywhere.

Yesterday – click here if you missed it – I featured some “words from the birds” (as well as photos) in my post.

Today it is these few images from outside and around Maul-Hall that show some of the fall colors, evidences of grace that have been lighting up our world these past few weeks.

This blog is all about what it means to be more intentional in our journey as disciples, and – more and more – I believe a key element is this ongoing decision to be open to grace, to simply pay attention to the good news God makes sure we trip over from time to time.

Happy Fall y’all – Derek

I am always tripping over God’s good news, God’s good word. Maybe, one of these days, I will learn the truth of this nugget from Fred Rogers: “God’s revealing evidence is everywhere; if only we would open our eyes and pay attention.”

Everywhere. Most certainly right here – DEREK

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