Eat this Blog: a baby’s first birthday and chewing on words


Then he said to me: Human one, eat this thing that you’ve found. Eat this scroll and go, speak to the house of Israel. So I opened my mouth, and he fed me the scroll. He said to me: Human one, feed your belly and fill your stomach with this scroll that I give you. So I ate it, and in my mouth it became as sweet as honey. – Ezekial 3:1-3

This week has been fairly heavy when it comes to content. Today my plan was to defer to a few “fan-favorite” photos. Or at least I’d like to.

But I have this series of pictures that I can’t publish. And it drives me nuts! Earlier this week our grandson in Germany – “Mr. T.” – had his first birthday. However, as I have mentioned before, his parents decided to keep his face and his name private when it comes to social media. (You can read about their decision here – “Baby’s Internet Presence”)

So I “chatted” with Mr. T. via Facetime, and it was wonderful. He waved when he saw me, he “opened” a couple of birthday cards and books, and he smiled his million-watt smile.

During the conversation I took a series of screen shots, and that is what I am dying to share. So imagine a one-year-old with a mop of sandy-golden-brown-red hair, offering an impish grin as he holds his birthday card, looks delighted, studies it carefully (he loves to read), waves at the camera, examines the book again, then checks to see what it tastes like.

Our grandson is actually on to something, eating words. Rebekah talked about this in regard to scripture via one of her video-blogs this week. God’s word is nourishing, it isn’t just for hearing it is for chewing on. In fact, the Hebrew words for listening are loaded with ideas such as tasting, consuming, chewing, digesting, and nourishment.

The scriptures sustain us, they imbue life, they connect us with The Living Word – which is Jesus. And it was Jesus who understood how his strength came via God’s truth when he was under attack in the wilderness:     

After Jesus had fasted for forty days and forty nights, he was starving. The tempter came to him and said, “Since you are God’s Son, command these stones to become bread.” Jesus replied, “It’s written, People won’t live only by bread, but by every word spoken by God.” – Matthew 4:2-4

So today, at the end of this week, take time to consume these passages from the scriptures, chew on them, turn them over and around in your mouth and find the full flavor, digest them, draw nourishment and strength, and then live in response.

And as for those pictures of our grandson, Mr. T., fill your mind with all the adorable cuteness you can imagine, have him grin into the camera and wave at his granddaddy, see the expressions of endearment and encouragement on the card, then watch as he chews them over, ingesting and internalizing all the words of faithful, deeply held, unconditional love.

Praying words of hope, promise, and nourishment in your life – DEREK   


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