Sunday Part II – a “packed-out” church: (Well, full with light, power, and love)

So “live-action” worship at WFPC is of course a significant step forward in the move towards in-person services. Because even when we get the go-ahead to begin, the gatherings will at first be masked, distanced, and limited in terms of numbers. Livestream will still account for the largest numbers in terms of attendance.

  • Catch up with worship at this link – “Restoration Promised“. An excellent message from pastor John!

It is great, then, that our audio-visual techie folk now have a new arsenal of tools to make it all happen. This computer, for example, is so overloaded with brainpower it has an extra large appendage protruding behind the screen (yes, it’s a laptop with a big butt!). The machine needs two power sources to run!

Privileged to be there!

– Derek Maul at WFPC

I’ve got to tell you I was very excited to be sitting in the Wake Forest Presbyterian Church pews again for worship. Even if – other than Jim and Anita (our elder for technology) – I was the only one.

During worship, around a dozen adult-education leaders were featured in a series of one-minute videos describing their fall classes. Then pastor John shared a really helpful message about moving forward. He even used a cheesy but appropriate prop (see photo, below), holding up this excellent sign toward the end of his sermon: “Don’t look back: you’re not going that way”.

It was an empty room, physically… but a jam-packed space, spiritually, loaded with energy and love.

But that’s church in a nutshell, isn’t it? Or – I guess – “shouldn’t it be?” A space jam-packed with spiritual life, loaded with energy and love.

I will see you in church (you can even attend right now, via this link). Virtually and (very soon, I hope) in person. Enjoy this pictorial storyboard from Sunday worship, September 13.

In love – DEREK

2 thoughts on “Sunday Part II – a “packed-out” church: (Well, full with light, power, and love)

  1. MrsFrantz

    Praying you are able to have at least some of the congregation meet in person soon. Love the photos, and can’t wait to hear the sermon from Sunday. I try to catch it every so often.

    Liked by 1 person

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