violence, murder, assassination – what’s the common denominator?

We live in an era when being oppositional is de rigueur, where being “right” is considered more important than working together, where we’re expected to stake out positions rather than solutions, where we divide into camps, where so much is understood in terms of “them,” and “us,” where vulnerability is considered a weakness, and where people are disassociating from community at an alarming rate.

Just a Closer Walk – every day!

It’s great to be in worship as a faith community, regardless of the choice of music, but there is something compelling and poignant about the winsome invitation of this classic song; to walk more closely with Jesus; to experience and to share his kind of strength; to share communion together around the Lord’s Table; to live – and to love – as followers of the Living Way…

Why “Brexit” is a troubling lean toward the past

I believe the choice is a clear one: Do we reach out our hands in friendship, sit down and talk, get to know one-another as fellow world citizens? Or do we retreat into our own space (or what we like to think is our own), dig a moat, build a wall, pull up the drawbridge, and continue to set our world on a trajectory back toward the feudalism of the Middle Age

More from Camp Grandparent!

Instead, I’ll share this short series of photographs from the garden. The children love to help Rebekah with the watering, and of course they end up soaking each other as much as the plants.