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hard reality and strong faith

I’d like to open today’s post by quoting the “status update” my brother Geoff posted on facebook a couple of days ago. I’m doing this for two reasons: First, as Geoff’s status is a public posting, it allows him to dictate the level of disclosure. Second, my brother sums things up well, and pretty much…

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Easter Initiative: gaining momentum

Happy Monday, friends! I’ve got to tell you, I’m almost grieving the end of my travel blog series. I’ve posted 18 Middle-East entries since January 16 and the response has been terrific. Thanks for reading along. Today, however, I’m excited in a different direction. It’s February already, there are just a couple of weeks until the…

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Archaeology and coming home

In many ways, it’s past time to come home. Oh, Rebekah and I have been back in Florida over two weeks now, but I personally spent the last part of January still wandering Egypt, Jordan and Israel in my heart and mind. Today, February 1, for the first time since we returned, I find myself…

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