The Church

Adding our own charge to life

Sunday morning I got a great lesson in the connection between what we choose to do and how we feel in general. In fact, I got two. The first was the improvisational rock prelude I did with the Praise Band before 8:30 worship. I already wrote about this in advance (Friday’s post, “Rock-‘n-roll, baby…”), but […]


Rock-‘n-roll, baby…

It may well be true that I am backed up, over-commited, pressed up against some hairy deadlines and seriously behind in two-three big projects. But, and this is fundamental to the life-charged life, I also understand how critically important it is that I maintain some  balance. If not, then how could I possibly begin to […]


Washed in the Water

Last night it rained in Valrico. First the breeze, then the lightning – a spectacular show – and finally a life-refreshing hour or so of sweet rain. This morning, when Scout and I set out at 6:30, the air was still clear, clean, and probably ten degrees cooler than yesterday. The stuffiness had been washed […]