Redeemable Monday

The best solution for your Monday morning problem is a great Sunday!!! Happy Monday, friends! I know Monday mornings get a bad rap sometimes, but I’ve always believed they are eminently redeemable. Fact is, the best solution for your Monday morning… Read More ›

Jesus and politics…

After three years of intense teaching, preaching, praying, review, practical application of kingdom principles, talking together, more review, wrangling over the details, questions, more questions, clarifications, crowds, acclamation, rejection, enthusiasm, accusation, light-bulb moments, struggle, triumph, and so much more… Jesus… Read More ›

the Jesus imperative

For today’s post I’m simply going to share a series of thoughts from “Day Eight” of Reaching Toward Easter. This chapter hit me right between the eyes – in a good way – this morning. And – acquire your own copy… Read More ›