Minions, Boxing Day, and healing love

Thanks to our Richmond family, “Christmas Day Two” turned out to be a much more exuberant gift exchange. At five and three, David and Beks are the most precious, precocious, priceless of children, and they have already learned both to give and receive with unusual grace.

PSA from me – America is not like this! #TrumpClinton

I am suggesting we turn our attention away from this false and damaging narrative, and offer a new story, one that we begin to tell and to live with such conviction and such a winsome wholesomeness that it drowns out the noise that’s coming from so much of the media we seem to be addicted to.

life – as good as it gets!

this life we live together is a moment-by-moment safari-like nothing-held-back adventure despite our best efforts to make it a Holland America cruise. This life together is – in the vernacular of 1970’s Disney – an E-ticket ride!

violence, murder, assassination – what’s the common denominator?

We live in an era when being oppositional is de rigueur, where being “right” is considered more important than working together, where we’re expected to stake out positions rather than solutions, where we divide into camps, where so much is understood in terms of “them,” and “us,” where vulnerability is considered a weakness, and where people are disassociating from community at an alarming rate.