Heat plus rain plus epic weeds = “Jungle Gardening”

Those who work their land will have plenty of food, but those who follow worthless pursuits have no sense. - Proverbs 12:11 Yesterday morning, aware that I have been more than a little behind on yard work, I set out to deal with both gardens - here at Maul-Hall and my parents' next door. If …

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“Always give us this bread!” – no substitutions, only the best

We lose our bearings when we attempt to satisfy ourselves with what is counterfeit, false, and fundamentally unsatisfying. Here in the west we're trained in excess, instructed to consume more, and misled by advertising designed to facilitate profit to the extent that we double down on the "more is better" philosophy. In consequence, we load up on what cannot satisfy, hoping that sheer volume will make the difference. But it never will.

junk vs gourmet – in food and life #foodie

"Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength?     Why pay for food that does you no good? Listen to me..." - Isaiah 55 This post picks up on my latest column for Wake Forest Today. It was published Thursday and, as often happens, I took a look today and found - even …

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Drinking from the Wrong Well?

Encouraging stats: First, an interesting statistic. So far this month (and it's only Oct 25) my blog has generated around 4,500 hits. That works out to around 250 regular readers at 3-5 visits per week, and then 500-1,000 hits from folk with the potential to tune in on a more regular basis. I understand that …

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Never Interrupt Poetry with Talk about Money

Yesterday morning my friend Linda asked me to sing a few songs at a memorial service for a friend who passed away over in Winter Haven. His name was "Sarge". Sarge was a WWII tank commander who served, was decorated, swore he'd move somewhere warm after the wintry Battle of the Bulge, stayed in as …

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