Welcome (plus link to Derek’s Photography Blog)

If you are a regular reader, then I am glad to see you return – it is the support and encouragement of people like you that makes this project so rewarding.

If you are looking for a link for my photography blog, then click here DEREKMAULPHOTOGRAPHY.blog

If you are new to this site, then let me encourage you to take a look around. Read some posts, scroll through a few photo galleries, and consider using the “follow” button to make sure you don’t miss anything going forward.

Because I continually update this blog there will necessarily be some changes. Partially it’s my curiosity, but mostly I am trying to make the format more navigable for you, the reader. This intro is a “static” page, so please select “Home” if you are looking to read some content

FINALLY: I have no agenda in this blog other than that of being an authentic witness to the experience of living well.

It is my prayer that anyone who consumes my writing also consumes enough light, hope, grace, encouragement, and promise to give them sustenance for their own journey.

Because we are all on this journey together. Peace – DEREK

So again, “welcome” to this site. It is my prayer that you grow, continually, into the light and the grace and the promise of a life that is full and true and rich in faith. 

In love, and because of love – DEREK