living large – and notching up some “assists” along the way…

Rebekah, her uncle Charlie, and her cousin Ruth

No surprise, yesterday’s post picked up a lot more hits than the average day. Everyone is very excited about Andrew and Alicia’s engagement and we can’t wait to see them both Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and I continued our slow drive north. Monday was all rain, all the time. Torrents of if. We stayed the night just south of Valdosta and it didn’t let up until we finally broke through the clouds 50 or more miles to the north.

Tuesday our only firm destination was mid-afternoon in Baldwin, Georgia, to visit Rebekah’s uncle Charlie and her cousin Ruth. It was a refreshing change for us flatlanders to get up into the mountains. And it’s always a treat to visit with family members we don’t typically get to see.

Uncle Charlie engaged his life full-on as a Presbyterian minister, a long-term missionary to Brazil, and an innovative entrepreneur. He has some amazing stories. Not only that, but many other people have amazing stories to tell because they have been touched by Charlie’s life and ministry.

The north GA mountains, from uncle Charlie’s house

The visit made me think about the other side of this “life-charged life” equation. It’s one thing to live life without reservation, but it’s even more meaningful if we can look back and realize that we have contributed something to the stories that other people have to share.

I hope I can always remember that. Not just to live large – but to enlarge the lives of others. Now that’s living the Gospel of Love in the direction Jesus intended.

Peace and blessings – DEREK

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