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Life is a Great Adventure!

A LITTLE HELP, PLEASE: Today, other than working on the details of columns and articles for The Christian Voice, the Florida Annual Conference (UMC), and All Pro Dad, my goal is to wrap my head around my next book project for The Upper Room.

I may have produced five books over the past six years, but it’s been a full year since I completed the first draft of the manuscript for “10 Life-Charged Words: real faith for men” (released in July 2012). That means that, even if I have a great idea this week and the editorial board accepts it by the New Year, and I finish writing my new book by Easter, then we’d still be looking at the fall of 2014 – at the earliest – for publication.

Wondering what’s next?

A BODY IN MOTION: I’m also aware that the principles of Newton’s First Law are in play, both in terms of my personal productivity and my relationship with my publisher. A writer in motion tends to stay in motion, and a writer at rest tends to drop out of circulation.

This blog certainly helps. Writing in this space (generally in response to my personal devotional time earlier in the morning) tends to get my writing engine running, and my creativity warmed up. Posting here also helps me to identify what ideas and issues are connecting with my mind and spirit.

In fact, reading a handful of recent posts is just about the best way someone could take an accurate pulse of my current writing life.

Book # 5 (July 2012)

THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP: So I guess I’m asking for some help from my readers. My best estimation – based on the summer – is that around 1,000 people are reading The Life-Charged Life on a semi-regular basis. Over 160 people “follow” (meaning they signed themselves up at this site, and now receive an automatic email), plus an additional 250 or so visit each day. This post will likely be perused by around 400 people today, and probably another 100 over the course of a week.

So, here are a few simple questions (and I really, really want to/need to hear from you):

  1. Which October post (In The Life-Charged Life) has meant the most to you?
  2. Is there a particular post you were moved to share with your friends or family?
  3. What topics/ideas would you like to see me to write about?
  4. Would you be interested in reading another Derek Maul book?
  5. What kind of book would you like to see me write? (for a complete catalogue of books by Derek Maul, click here.

INFORMATION OVERLOAD: I’m not naive, so I understand that there are literally thousands of books out there, clamoring for the attention of readers.

I get that; but I also know that sometimes (and generally as a huge surprise to everyone) something hits the market that touches a nerve, and the new book meets people exactly where there are and manages to steer the spiritual/philosophical conversation of the entire nation!

And that is what I want! Not to make a gazillion dollars, but to have the privilege of engaging more people in this ongoing conversation about life and faith; talking about the fact that vibrant, life-charged life is not only possible, but it’s exactly what God designed us to experience.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Comment, email, facebook message, contact form at my website, anything in writing. Maybe you can be the spark that lights the next fire?



  1. Derek, I l really like history and recently I’ve taken an interest in historical fiction. My interests have tended toward the more science fiction style “what if” stories that involve alternate realities like “what if Lincoln survived the assassination?” or “what if a time traveler changed the past in victorian england and geneticists started working with Darwin?” and things of that nature. I’d be very interested in reading a book about that guy who said he wanted to follow Jesus but Jesus said he wasn’t ready. how did he react? what was the rest of his day like? or maybe take a roman’s point of view. maybe that one that got his ear cut off and healed. hey if C.S. Lewis can do it, you can too!


  2. Would like to hear more about “Where are the men?” which you mentioned in an earlier post regarding the then upcoming United Methodist Men’s Spiritual Retreat. We say in the local church we want more men involved, but we’re not really doing anything about it . . . . how do we get the younger generation involved?


  3. Every time you write about your family I”m moved and wistful — many of us could have used some witness to the kinds of things you and Rebekah did with your children to produce faith-full adults who love life and still want to be in touch with their parents. A book on family perhaps?


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