To You-Tube and Beyond!

IMG_3379Yesterday I spent the entire day on a project that was supposed to take around one hour. The good news is that I learned a new skill. The bad news is that I’m now a day behind regarding everything else.

What I was doing was making a video.

GET REAL: The short explanation is this. A pastor friend in Alabama has decided to use GET REAL: a spiritual journey for men with his men’s ministry group over the next eleven weeks. He let me know his plans and asked if there is any way I could be involved.

  • I said, “I’ll be happy to help in any way;”
  • he said, “How about a video message?”
  • I said, “Fine;”
  • He said, “10-15 minutes and please address the following topics…;”
  • I said, “I’ll knock it out in an hour Thursday morning….”

I know, those of you who know anything about video production are snickering just a little bit right now.

SHOOT! Right off my tripod keeled over and the lens stuck tight; it can still mostly focus but the zoom is shot. Then, 10-minutes into an almost flawless take the video shut off; apparently 10-minutes is the limit. My next take turned out to be out of focus. Then I jogged the camera and another take had my head out of the picture.

The final result was a ten-minute video I’m fairly pleased with and a five-minute “Part Two” that’s “just going to have to do.”

In the process (and when I couldn’t talk my “Dropbox” into helping me share the files) I learned that I could post videos to YouTube.

IDEA? Oh Joy! This opens up a whole new world. Not video-blogging, necessarily, but producing a series of vignettes to go along with some of my writing projects, maybe to support a book, or a chapter in a book.

Or maybe – I’m thinking out loud here – a regular “Video Wednesdays” blog post, or some dedicated day of the week?

man in the camera
man in the camera

But this much I promise; if I post a video-link in this blog, then it’s not going to run more than two-minutes. Never. Never ever.

Stay tuned. Or, maybe I should say, “You have been warned.”

Peace – DEREK



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