getting a jump-start on FATHER’S DAY

1a7661dcb50e960915fd248b_438x125NOTE: Once in a while – very rarely, I’ll use this blog to reference or promote one (or more) of my books; today is going to be one of those days!

However, the merits – or otherwise – of self-promotion aside, the coming celebration of FATHER’S DAY, I believe, not only allows for this post but calls for it. Additionally, what I’m suggesting fits perfectly into the “Life-Charged Life” framework; so I humbly beg your indulgence.


IMG_2507DAD’s DAY: Like any other “made-up for the greetings card industry” observance, Father’s Day runs the risk of being sappy, artificial, trite, and commercial. And more. Quite often, Father’s Day turns out to be all of the above and then some.

But Father’s Day doesn’t have to be! At its best, the idea of celebrating dads is a statement of faith that being a dad is all about growing into “manhood,” and about moving forward in such a way that we make a dramatic impact for good both in our families and in this world.

Having said that, we also must acknowledge that we need help. We need our families, we need each other as men, we need the community of faith, and we need the direct love, nurture, guidance and motivation of a personal relationship with our Creator.

That’s where this Father’s Day gift idea comes in. Today The Upper Room (my publisher) sent out an email recommending 10 Life-Charged Words: real faith for men, and GET REAL: a spiritual journey for men as “The Perfect Gift for Dad.” I concur!

Get Real A Spiritual Journey for Men by Derek MaulWHY I AGREE WITH THE UPPER ROOM: So here’s my short pitch for the books, plus one more for good measure. Read these descriptions from the context of what it might mean for a dad to be more specifically equipped to move forward as the best father he could possibly be.

GET REAL was my first book, and it was written in response to the following question, “What resource can we develop that will encourage men to make the move from ‘church member’ to ‘active disciple of Jesus?'” GET REAL discusses faith for men as a journey where we make the decision, learn the basics, fall in love with God, and then have the courage to actually live as a follower of Jesus.

It’s because of GET REAL that I’ve had the privilege of traveling all over the United States as a speaker, and been invited to encourage men (Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Disciples of Christ, Lutheran, Episcopalian… and more) to live a truly abundant life.

900UR_1116_10_Life_Charged_Words10 LIFE-CHARGED WORDS is my most recent publication (2012). It emerged, quite simply, from my observation that too many men (both men in church and men who are “done-with” church) fail to live at capacity, experience passion, engage faith as transformational, or participate in real community.

So I isolated ten words that represent the kind of experience Jesus was talking about when he said the reason he came was so that we might have the opportunity to know abundant life (john 10:10). The book started off as a keynote speech for a national men’s conference, then became a book designed for every single man in the English-speaking world (it’s now being translated in to Polish!).

This is a book you will want to share with a dad you know.

The Unmaking of a Part Time ChristianTHE UNMAKING OF A PART-TIME CHRISTIAN: This is the most auto-biographical of my books to date. It’s full of stories that illustrate how I moved from being a “part-time” Christian into a Follower of the Way of Jesus. The Unmaking of a Part-Time Christian is still one of my favorites, and I believe it will become a favorite of the man you gift a copy to this Father’s Day.

CONCLUSION: You might want to gift a dad you know with a set of all three. Regardless, feel free to write my email address on the inside cover, and tell them I’d be happy to talk about “Dad Stuff” at any time.

Always interested in what God’s going to be up to next – DEREK

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