Celebrating a “state of the heart” Thanksgiving

DSC_0044Today begins the new tradition of Maul Hall Thanksgivings in Wake Forest, North Carolina. It’s going to be a great day, but oh-so-different from Florida.

  • Instead of the usual 25 or so guests, we’ll sit down at the table with eleven.
  • Instead of Rebekah’s siblings, Joe and Jesse (and families), this time it’s siblings Roy and Rachel (and families).
  • The pressing question isn’t, “Is it cool enough outside to eat on the porch?” But, “Is it warm enough in the house to tell the difference between the refrigerator and the dining room?”
  • For 17 years, family logistics dictated a Friday banquet; this year we’re feasting on Thursday, like everyone else.
  • And I’ll really miss my parents. Over the years they’ve not only been a mainstay of Thanksgiving, but a big part of the reason I’m so thankful.

After so many years, it will be hard to get the image of the long tables on our Florida porch out of my mind. So much love; so much laughter, so many great stories; so much food.

But Thanksgiving isn’t a place so much as it is a state of the heart. And the state of our hearts is that of overflowing with gratitude.

So, here in Wake Forest, Rebekah and I will be celebrating a “State of the Heart” Thanksgiving.

“Come, Ye Thankful People, Come” – DEREK

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