The central question of Christian faith

cropped-dsc_0009.jpgIn yesterday’s post – The Conversation about Heaven and Hell – I made the following statement: The central question of Christian faith is this: ‘Am I going to accept Christ’s invitation to live in the beauty of a restored relationship with God?”

I’m not sure if it’s the most poetic phrasing I have ever crafted, but I am convinced that it is as true a thought as I have uttered of late. I woke up this morning, read it once again, and determined that I still agree with myself (that’s not always the case!)

This is why I’m heading in to Wake Forest Presbyterian Church this morning. I’ll be there to – among other things:

  1. Celebrate God’s proactive grace.
  2. Thank God for the amazing reach of his redemptive love.
  3. Cultivate my relationship with God through worship and learning.
  4. Encourage others to grow as disciples.
  5. Participate in faith-based community (a commitment that both strengthens me and equips me to serve as Christ’s ambassador in this world).
  6. Recommit myself to journey as a Follower of the Way of Jesus.

Each one of us was created for relationship with The Creator. Spirituality is not add-on, after-market, optional, an elective, enrichment activity, or some kind of an upgrade. Faith is an essential component of our foundational – and functional – design.

Jesus is both the invitation and the introduction; he is the question and he is the answer; he is God’s best solution to the same brokenness that nailed him to the cross.

My only reasonable response, then, must be to accept Christ’s gracious invitation.

I’ll see you in church – DEREK


  1. Most Christians, even Pastor, tend to emphasize in their belief system and for pastors in their preaching, one of the individualities of the trinity. I know that I am a first person preacher. That means I tend to focus on God, the Father / Creator etc. Rebekah is a second person preacher, focusing on Jesus Christ, God’s son. I was moved by the fact that your post ended with “God.” Perhaps this is indicative of a move – a move that we all need to make – that includes an equal understanding and proclamation, of all of the persons of the Trinity.


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