“State of the town” – Rebekah’s prayer and more

Rebekah offering invocation
Rebekah offering invocation

Monday evening Rebekah and I enjoyed the privilege of another “get to know your new town” experience. The occasion was the “2014 State of the Town Address & Dinner,” the mayor had asked Rebekah to give the invocation, and so – of course – I was able to come along for the ride.

We sat at the “dignitaries” table, so we were able to share some great conversation with a  couple of state senators, a state representative, and the mayor herself.

Rebekah was introduced, made everybody laugh, and then did a great job with the invocation.

“Wake Forest is home to me,” she said, “and we are learning to love this town. For this special occasion, let us give thanks:

“Lord, You have given us such wonderful words that bind us together; words like communion, like communication, like community. We acknowledge that this is why we were created, to be in communion with one another and with you; creating and strengthening whatever community in which we find ourselves. This is why we are here this evening, together, and we ask not only a blessing on the food that we share, but on the conversation, and our mutual desire to build up and strengthen our home. We ask this in Your most creative and powerful name. Amen.”

IMG_1999SPEECH: Having lived for so long in “suburbia,” I find myself really enjoying the sense of connectedness of a small town like Wake Forest.

Mayor Jones – who was just reelected for her fourth term – started her “State of the Town” address by thanking Rebekah, and welcoming both of us to Wake Forest. I’ve got to say, that set a good opening note for me.

She went on to speak confidently about a healthy town, a municipality that is experiencing a solid renaissance, in a strong position financially, and poised for more growth in the future. The town is specifically interested in developing parks, protecting the watershed, extending greenways, and promoting downtown development.

IMG_1997BALANCE: The mayor’s presentation made me think about life in general, and how my health – spiritual, physical and mental – is always best when I work hard to maintain a good balance.

That’s it for today’s post. There’s far too much else I have to get done. I’ll “talk” with you tomorrow. – DEREK



One thought on ““State of the town” – Rebekah’s prayer and more

  1. I’m glad you are in a real town now and that Rebekah got to do that. I was honored on two occasions to pray for the Tampa City Council. Needless to say, Brandon was out of that loop.


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