Saying “yes” to the morning – and life!

IMG_3025One of the many wonders of my iPhone is the fact that I can wake up to any kind of sound imaginable. Currently, my alarm of choice is the instrumental introduction to Dan Fogelberg’s “To The Morning,” from his classic 1972 album “Home Free.”

If I let the alarm go on long enough, I’ll eventually hear Fogelberg’s voice declare, It’s going to be a day, and there’s really no way to say “no” to the morning...

There are many reasons there really is no way to say “no” to the morning. Here on the Outer Banks the bright spring sunshine started soaking the deck, and then leaking in through the sliding glass doors well before Fogelberg added his gentle invitation. I went down to the beach while the coffee was brewing, and there I drank in deep drafts of fresh air along with sensing God’s clear nudge to recommit myself to life.

awesome signage downtown New Bern, NC

I read my Upper Room devotion on the way back – When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth (John 16:13) – and I prayed that God would fill me and lead my writing today.

I realized that this discipline of scripture is also a part of God’s ongoing and very personal invitation to embrace every new day, and that the Spirit will guide me if only I place myself in God’s hands and say “yes,” enthusiastically, to each new leg of the journey.

TRAVELOGUE CONTINUED: Thursday’s encouragement to say “yes” to the morning included a little more exploration of this part of our new home state. We drove into New Bern and thoroughly enjoyed walking all over the town.

Pepsi invented here!
Pepsi invented here!

New Bern was once the capital of the North Carolina colonial government, served briefly as state capital, and is the birthplace of Pepsi-cola.

The town’s mascot – like its namesake in Switzerland – is the bear, and it’s a motif repeated frequently and whimsically throughout the city center (you can see photos of both of us getting cozy with our hosts). More importantly, New Bern is an active, alive, friendly, beautiful city featuring charm, character, good coffee houses, a very active Presbyterian Church, and at least one excellent lunch spot!

And, yes, Rebekah found several places with some great antiques to discover. All in all, a most excellent outing.

DSC_0634BEACHSIDE: Meanwhile, the Outer Banks continue to facilitate creative and refreshing study. In fact, I’m sure that I can hear the beach calling me now…

I guess it’s time to take another long walk and meditate some more…..


(a few “New Bern Day” pics for you photography enthusiasts)




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