Weekend Update: law, grace, birthdays, and reciprocating saws

Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace. – Romans 6:14

Dad's 86th birthday "selfie"
Dad’s 86th birthday “selfie”

WEEKEND UPDATE: I’d write about this morning’s discussion from Romans Six, but once I got started it would be hard to keep my post a reasonable length. So suffice it to say that – once again – the scriptures have challenged me, instructed me, fed me, and freed me. I’m never disappointed when I get together with other disciples and go deep.

So, instead, I’ll write about my dad’s 86th birthday. We moved the celebration forward to Saturday because we wanted to have time to relax and enjoy a long birthday lunch together.

the feeder
the feeder

Dad got to order exactly what he fancied, so I prepared filet mignon, baked potatoes with the trimmings, fresh asparagus, and hot croissants. Then my mom rounded up some amazingly scrumptious English birthday cake. So. Good.

Dad’s gift from us was a subscription to North Carolina’s Our State magazine. It really is a remarkable publication, full with great writing and amazing photographs. We also gave him a bag of bird seed… to go with mum’s present of a primo bird feeder set up (including pole, squirrel baffle and more). Then dad and I set the system up just off their deck.

ALL SHOOK UP: The balance of the weekend (so far) has involved more fence building. Rebekah and I got after it with serious intent Friday afternoon, and we managed to put three more sections in place.

This work turned out to be the maiden voyage for Rebekah’s new reciprocating saw. To be honest, the thing vibrated a whole lot more than we’d anticipated; consequently – like Elvis – we’re all shook up. But it cut like a hot knife through butter, and we’re very pleased with our progress. Now we know what we’re doing it’s going to go a lot faster down the home stretch.

"All shook up"
“All shook up”

ROMANS: Back to the Romans passage. I will take a moment to share how helpful it was to read the section about “living under the requirements of the law.” Paul makes it perfectly clear that when the law is more important than God, and takes precedence over grace, then, “Sin is your master.”

I thought about that long and hard, especially in light of how many people I know who routinely, and punitively, use the law to bludgeon other believers. According to Paul – and it seems clear to me that this is what’s going on – then “sin really has become their master.”

No kidding – I’d like to take a reciprocating saw to that approach to faith.




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