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ff_logoWriting to Encourage:

Today has been one of those “off-task and distracted” days. So – as it’s already well into the afternoon – I’m simply going to post this “Shout Out” to a project that’s one of my regular creative outlets. I’ve been writing for Family First (Family Minute, All-Pro-Dad, and iMom) for a number of years – but there have been a couple of changes that make this a good time to draw attention to the site via this blog.

  1. First, my name now appears on my articles! For me, this is huge. Literally hundreds of thousands of people visit these websites, so this is potentially extremely valuable in terms of exposure.
  2. Second, the tech folk have started highlighting “tweetable” statements. Here’s an example from my recent article, Top 5 Marriage Secrets from Seasoned Veterans: “The best gift any parents can give kids is a mom and dad who are still crazy about each other [Click to Tweet].” Sometimes a simple, tweetable, thought is just enough to nudge someone in the right direction.
  3. Third, the site is now more attractive, accessible, and user-friendly.

do-what-mattersPOSITIVE NEWS: We live in an age where negative messages seem to get more play time than words of grace and encouragement. I am thrilled to be a part of an initiative that does not compromise itself.

My friend, Mark Merrill, is founder and president of Family First. Mark has invested his life in the vision to strengthen families and relationships, and I especially appreciate the positive, encouraging, tone of his work. When you listen to – or read – Mark, you come away knowing and respecting what he is for, rather than being buried under an avalanche of diatribe pointing the finger at everything he is against.

This is an important distinction, and Mark’s spirit is a big part of why I’m very happy – and proud -to be a Family First writer.

Here’s a link to another recent APD article I know you’ll enjoy, 5 Ways Dads Can Civilize Kids by Teaching Manners.

On the Adriatic with Rebekah (Andrew and Alicia in background)
On the Adriatic with Rebekah (Andrew and Alicia in background)

Pass on some of these links to your friends. Investigate them yourself. Believe me, I wouldn’t be involved in a project like this if it wasn’t all about excellence.

Peace, blessings, and Promise – DEREK



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