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San Marino
San Marino

I’m offering a change of direction for today’s post. Mentally, I’m back in Italy, and I can’t seem to get my head, or at least my heart, back to Wake Forest for routine work – no matter how great a space my study is.

It’s all the fault of the photographs. Seriously! I’ve had to take a look through my Italy collection for a couple of upcoming projects, and they have captured me all over again.

PHOTO-BOOK: First, I’m trying to finish up our latest “Great Adventures” photo-book. The challenge is to take 1,200 great photographs and find around 200 that tell the story, It’s absolutely the best way to put together a memory book.

There are three categories in my collection:

  1. Images that are beautiful.
  2. Images that tell the story.
  3. Images that are beautiful and also tell the story.

I’m only considering drawing from #3.

at the Ponte di Rialto
at the Ponte di Rialto

The book, once completed, will cost somewhere around $75. Funny thing is, many people react with, “That’s shockingly high,” or, “I could never afford that,” or, “I can’t believe you’d be willing to spend that much!”

These are the same people who used to take 20-rolls of film on vacation, have all 450 pictures developed for around $250, pull out the thirty or so they really liked, and then stash the bulk of them in a shoe-box in the attic, never to be seen again.

A photo-book (I use My Publisher) is a work of art and fraction of the cost; then it sits on your bookcase or coffee table, easily accessible for all to enjoy.

TRAVELOGUE: The other project is a “travelogue” presentation for members of one of the “branches” at WFPC. They’ve asked for an hour of slides and commentary, hitting them with the best stories and a few of the highlights.

Verona - for Carmen

So I thought I’d share the following sneak preview. I’ve challenged myself to limit this post to two only photographs from each key feature of the Great Adventure: Naples, Pompeii, Vesuvius, Assisi, Andrew and Alicia’s home, Vicenza, Venice, the Opera, Ravenna, and the Republic of San Marino. That should equal 20 images (the ones in the text are a bonus) and a good beginning to my summary.

Enjoy, and happy adventures to all – DEREK



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