Making 2015 count: calibrating the initial trajectory…


“The Ten.” left-right: Jesse & Heather, Joe & Cheryl, Derek & Rebekah, Tom & Rachel, Roy & Lynda

So teach us to count our days
that we may gain a wise heart. Psalm 90:12

Taken the first minute of 2015...

Taken the first minute of 2015…

January 2. 2015. That’s right, we’re under way for the New Year. Hold on.

I’ve been thinking about “trajectory,” and about how I want to come out of the gate this year with a strong statement of purpose. I’m not much of a “resolutions” person, but I do want to be intentional as regards where I’m headed over the next few months, and I want it to be clear from the get-go.

For me, this year is all about moving forward. My vision for 2015 is about embracing all these plenteous blessings and making the very best of a good thing – many good things:

  • Life is a good thing;
  • being here in Wake Forest is a good thing;
  • being with Rebekah is a good thing;
  • having this opportunity to share faith, and vision, and “the life that is truly life” with so many people is a good thing.

I guess what I’m saying is that I want to make this count.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

WISE HEART: That’s why the scripture from Psalm 90 jumped out at me: “Teach us to count our days that we may gain a wise heart.” Or, in the NIV, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” I counted, and I numbered my days, and it turns out I’ve been alive 21,468 of them as of this morning.

Something tells me it’s about time I gained a wise heart.

That is going to be my “live like I mean it” context for 2015, my “make this count” trajectory; I want to make a splash this year in terms of wisdom.

And there’s only one way really wise people get wise – they get that way by learning to listen more completely to God.

FAMILY: Part two of today’s post is a huge collection of family photos from the Big Loop road trip down through Florida and back. The route was Athens (to drop off Alicia and Andrew), Tampa (to pick up my folks), Ellenton (an afternoon with my niece and her family), Apopka (to visit with Myrt), Jacksonville (the Alexander family shindig), then home.

Rebekah and Sarah

Rebekah and Sarah

These pics are from New Year’s Eve in Jacksonville. Anyone is welcome to take a look, but they will be of particular interest to family.

Family is a good way to launch a fresh year. Blessings, and peace, to all – DEREK

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