getting the pilgrimage up and running #ashwednesday

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Wintery Ash Wednesday in Wake Forest, NC
wintry Ash Wednesday in Wake Forest, NC

LENT: Today is Ash Wednesday; it’s the day on the Christian calendar that marks the beginning of the season of Lent; it stands as a signal, a marking point on the pilgrim path where we deliberately turn our attention toward Jerusalem, and the six weeks leading up to Easter.

Personally, I tend to approach Lent as a journey. I have always appreciated the image of pathways, and I love to walk. I know that there is always a good distance for me to travel if I want to be in the right place, spiritually, to properly engage the amazing story of Christ’s Passion; so it helps me to think of Lent as a pilgrimage of sorts.

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JOURNEY: That’s one reason we titled my Lenten devotional book Reaching Toward Easter. For many of us it helps to make a deliberate decision to take a step-by-step journey if we’re actually going to get anywhere. I don’t know about you, but I cannot instantly think, or wish myself into real spiritual growth. Instead, it takes a thousand small steps, a journey, a pilgrimage.

So today I’d like to encourage you to take this journey with me. Even if you’re an unbeliever, or a skeptic – especially if you’re an unbeliever, or a skeptic. My word is this, “Come and see,”

You’ll be able to find me, making my way, sometimes steadily, often haltingly, in a variety of venues:

  • I’ll be posting here at this blog site;
  • I’ll be at Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, worshiping, leading a discipleship class, and participating in small groups;
  • I’ll be at home with Rebekah, doing life together and growing in faith;
  • I’ll be journeying privately, as I walk the dog, meditate, and pray;
  • I’ll be sharing my story via various articles in the community on-line “paper;”
  • I’ll be reading Reaching Toward Easter

IMG_1966-001So this is my invitation for you to join me, to take “the road less often traveled by,” to reach toward Easter, and to mark Lent 2015 as one of the key way-stations on your personal pilgrimage as a constantly renewed child of the Living God.

Peace, blessings, and the promise that is Jesus – DEREK


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