lost in the fog…

Then the eyes of those who can see will no longer be blind,
    the ears of those who can hear will listen,
    the minds of the rash will know and comprehend,
    and the tongues of those who stammer will speak fluently and plainly. Isaiah 32:3-4

trying out new glasses
trying out new glasses

Here’s a bizarre story for you. It still doesn’t make sense to me; but it happened, and it’s the reason I spent Friday morning at the optometrist getting my eyes examined.

First, I have this whole history of losing my glasses. It’s one reason I moved from readers to progressive lenses 15 years ago. The readers just couldn’t keep up with me, and I’d have as many as four pair AWOL at any given time. So, when my mid-range started to get blurry too, I moved to eliminate the need to ever put them down and got a prescription pair that would stay on my face 100% of the time.

It worked. Until Thursday night, that is. I still don’t know exactly what happened.

STORY: Here’s the short story. I walked Scout Labradoodle, got caught in heavy rain, and came in through the garage to dry off. I pulled my glasses off before drying my hair, toweled off the dog, then reached for my glasses to put them back on. Couldn’t find them.

After ten minutes of searching I found one lens, still wet. But no glasses. I hadn’t moved from the one spot where I stood to dry off the dog. I searched for an entire hour, Rebekah helped. We expanded our search to the entire garage. Nothing. In the morning we searched again. No glasses. No sign. No clue.

not her best look!
not her best look!

So I headed to the optometrist, where I received the best possible help from my good friend Terry Anderson. Fresh exam (it had been a decade), new prescription, new glasses on order.

So this morning, and for 6-7 more days, I’ll be using a pair of reading glass for the computer, and generally moving around in a partially disoriented fog where nothing is as clear as it could be.

FOG: I’ll be OK. Driving is not an issue. But that last phrase kind of sticks with me – “Generally moving around in a partially disoriented fog where nothing is as clear as it could be” – talk about a helpful metaphor for living without the benefit of an active relationship with God!

Jesus talked a lot about seeing clearly, and putting on our listening ears. I’m convinced that it is impossible to fully experience “the life that is truly life” until we first begin to work on the primary relationship we were created to enjoy.

There is a beautiful clarity to walking with Jesus.

these are the ones!
these are the ones!

It’s going to be an interesting few days, waiting for my new eyes. I pray that I will be open to learning everything God wants to teach me through the experience.






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