News Flash! (you’ll never hear about this if I don’t tell you!)

 What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops! Matthew 19:27

hear-ye-clip-art-729808BOOK RELEASE: This is a post about marketing. It can be a touchy subject, especially in light of the fact that many of you are not just readers, but friends. Letting people know I have a product available for purchase can be perceived as gauche, manipulative, and pushy. I get that, I really do; but there are some other factors at play too:

  1. You’ll likely never hear about my books if I don’t tell you myself!
  2. I know without a doubt that reading this particular book will bless you, and that it will make a hugely positive difference in the way that you experience Christmas this (or any) year.
  3. I write this blog from my heart, and my heart simply can’t contain news this exciting.

There’s something else on the table, too, and that is confidence. I used to think that I could never sell anything to anybody, that I didn’t have the personality for sales. But then I wrote my first book, and I realized that I wasn’t selling a pile of bound pages so much as sharing a huge piece of myself, something transformational.

  • I have to be honest here, I believe completely in my work! So the idea of someone parting with a few dollars in order to own (or to pass on as a gift) the product of my faith, inspiration, skill, training, imagination, hard work, and meticulous crafting is nothing less than a great value and a really good deal!
2nd edition! new book now available

SOMETHING NEW! Some of you are already familiar with my Advent devotional book, In My Heart I Carry a Star. It was first published in 2008, had a great run (including a second printing), then found its way to my publisher’s back shelf when they produced new Christmas books to sell. Eventually, my book was taken out of print, its future consigned to the constant recirculation of available copies via the used book market.

So, confident that there are still more than 300-million Americans who have yet to read my Christmas stories, I worked with my publisher to effect the reassignment of copyright (US and worldwide). They graciously agreed, just a couple of months ago, and I started work on a second edition, using Amazon’s Create Space platform to publish my own work.

It’s been an interesting experience. Not only did I re-edit the manuscript, update some of the stories, write an additional chapter, and generally refresh the entire product, I designed new front and back covers, shot the art work, formatted the text, added a five-session study guide, and then reformatted one more version for Kindle.

I am very pleased with the result, and am learning a lot about the process, lessons I’m already incorporating into my next book, scheduled for release sometime this fall.

CHECK IT OUT! Please take a look my work, and maybe offer some feedback. This book also makes the perfect gift (especially if you know anyone who has become cynical about faith, or who is simply motivated to keep the authentic spirit of Christmas).

back cover
back cover

I’m every excited (I know you can tell)! And, with the help of social media friends like you, maybe this time In My Heart will make a serious splash in the market, and I will be gifted with a wider audience to pour my life into, one story at a time, for the glory of God and for the healing of this broken world.


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