pause on this lenten journey

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Spring here in Wake Forest can make a spectacular display. But for now the shift from winter – early this year – is more that of subtle promise. Days like today make for refreshing pause on this Lenten journey.

Early budding on the hydrangea; a hint of lilac amidst the still barren tree-scape; helleborus; berries on the corner nandina; daffodils pushing their way through the carpet of pine-straw; the stark but colorful profile of trees before they seriously commit to leafing out.

Like Lent this hint of Spring speaks to the journey; more specifically my journey. Edging forward in incremental steps, hesitant sometimes yet progress all the same. A pilgrimage; the purposeful footfall; a lamp to my feet and a light for the path.

The path to Jerusalem; the road to the Cross.

My soul clings to the dust, [O God];
    revive me according to your word. – Psalm 119:25

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