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The Celtic Tenors


Friday evening Rebekah and I had tickets for the “Celtic Tenors” concert over at the Louisburg College Performing Arts Center. So we decided to make a “date night” of it, stopping for dinner at a Louisburg eatery on our way in. We may be married people but we haven’t forgotten how to date.

There are three things you need to know about the evening:

  • One, and this is the most important: Rebekah and I absolutely loved being out together – we had a great time.
  • Two: the Celtic Tenors are a class act, very entertaining and well worth taking the time to see.
  • Three: I’m a huge fan of eating, but there is absolutely nothing that could induce either one of us to eat at that restaurant ever again; “inedible” is a term I have seldom used, but it’s the only word that comes close (I’m not going to splash the restaurant’s name all over this page, so message me if you plan on eating in Louisburg, and I’ll tell you where to avoid).
Louisburg College

The point of this post is that it was a great evening. I simply enjoy being with Rebekah, setting time aside for a date night, and being intentional about our relationship.

We may have been married almost 37 years, but we are very much committed to not taking our life together for granted. I write long hours sometimes, and it’s easy to become caught up in my work to the extent that I’m a little isolated. Rebekah works all the time, even when she’s not in the office (often more when she’s not in the office), and it’s easy for her to be completely immersed in the life of the church.

IMG_0891Now it helps that I love the church, and it’s wonderful how much Rebekah appreciates my work; but we won’t be any good for anyone else if we fail to take good care of our marriage, so we very much still need to be deliberate about us.

NURTURE: Right now Rebekah is outside, nurturing some of the plants in our garden; in a few minutes I’ll be doing some maintenance on the house. The things we care about demand constant attention, repair, cultivation, and preventative service. How much more must our primary relationships benefit from that kind of ongoing consideration?

IMG_0882By the way, that wasn’t a completely rhetorical question. I really would like you to answer it for yourself; so think about it, and then make a plan accordingly.

Because nothing is more important than our relationships….




  1. Derek,
    Sonja and I hit the 48 year mark in Feb. You do speak the truth. Enjoying reading Reaching Toward Easter for second time. Next Easter I want to buy a couple for gifts.
    We miss you guys down here in sunny Florida.


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