Labradoodle update on the dog blog


In yesterday’s post I wrote about my new “Fitbit,” and how the technology is helping to keep me on track with good health and exercise habits.

The other part of that equation – consistently for the past ten years – has been Scout Labradoodle. She’s been my personal trainer, and we’ve walked somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-20,000 miles together over the years. Nothing does the “get up and walk” job any better than a 75-pound galumphing shaggy dog putting both feet on my side of the bed and shoving her wet nose in my face!

But she’s slowing down. Scout isn’t really that interested anymore in “two-and-a-half miles before breakfast,” or “two-and-a-half miles before bed.” Now it’s more like, “Okay, Dad, if you really want to take a hike I’ll go with you; but I’m not exactly up for power-walking, and it’s going to cost you a treat to get me off the couch.”


negotiating for couch space…

Scoutie is going to be ten May 1; she doesn’t “galumph” much anymore, and she takes medicine for aching joints. I may have turned 60 a couple of weeks ago, but I guess I’m not the only partially decrepit one in the house!

“If you want to know where to find me, I’ll be on the couch. I really, really like these down pillows.”

Maybe I should get her a doggie Fitbit for her tenth birthday…



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  1. Haha looks like a tired dog! I can’t get mine out of bed in the morning sometimes, especially when it’s raining. Which Fitbit did you get?


  2. Be grateful that you are healthier than your dog. He’s telling you his old bones need a rest.

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