listening for creativity, wonder, and peace

Walking through Tyler Run Park

[The Lord] lets me rest in green meadows;
    he leads me beside peaceful streams.
    He renews my strength.
He guides me along right paths… – Psalm 23

There’s more than one reason why I walk the dog. First, Scoutie has turned into a couch potato; if I don’t get her moving she’d likely remain content to – other than the occasional stretch – lay on the floor in front of the storm door and watch the world go by. Then, I certainly need the exercise. If I’m not careful I get rooted to my chair. And – most importantly – it’s not just my rear end that get’s rooted to the chair, it’s my brain and my imagination too! A fifteen-minute walk can do wonders for a stuck brain.

IMG_1924-001I don’t walk far, but – like Thoreau contemplating Walden Pond – there’s a world of inspiration in my standard half-mile loop. So the walking gets a little oxygen to my brain, the seeing connects me to the constant miracle that is the world around me, and the listening engages my spirit to pay attention when God speaks.

And God speaks so clearly all the time, if only we pause to pay attention.

The listening part is possibly the most significant element of prayer that we tend to forget – or fail to even consider – when we live as disciples of Jesus in the day-to-day world. It’s important to invite God into our consciousness, and it’s helpful to articulate our adoration, our concerns, our requests, and our struggles as a part of the process; but at some point we all need to put ourselves in a place where we can listen.


I don’t know about you, but it helps me to move away from my desk, and into some quiet; to take a few deep breaths, and to still the other insistent voices; to attune myself to the source of creativity, and of wonder, and of peace.

Creativity, wonder, and peace – DEREK





  1. Hi Derek,
    I enjoyed your blog. Steve and I are going to the Five Stan’s next week. We are on a tour with Road Scholar. We will be in Uzbekistan visiting Tashkent, Samaritans, Burkhart, and Kiva. We don’t know where Andrew and Alicia live. Have fond memories of our trip to Israel with you.

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  2. That’s amazing! Andrew and Alicia live in Tashkent. She teaches at the tashkent International School. They live somewhere near the British embassy. I pray you have a phenomenal experience! We valued out time with you in the the Mid-East!


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