“Your Renewal is Enclosed”


When I first started writing (it was short meditations for our young families class in Pensacola), I focused a lot on how God speaks through the ordinary, run-of-the-mill, normal stuff of everyday life. It seemed as if God was present and active all the time, and all we had to do was to open our eyes.

I still think about – experience – my faith in the same way. In fact, that’s the beautiful outcome of yesterday’s Jesus story from Matthew 20: the Master touches our eyes, and then we are able to see.

Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately they were able to see, and they followed him. – Matthew 20:34

We all need to learn how to see.

Last week Rebekah told a story about a man who applied the principles of his faith to an overwhelmingly difficult situation; he was able to let God use him, and speak through his life as a witness to the light. “Jesus would say he had good eyes,” she said.

So this morning I was sorting through some mail and one particular envelope jumped out at me. “Your Renewal is Enclosed,” it said. And I thought, “Well, that’s convenient.”


Maybe those words should be embossed on the cover of my Bible… or chiseled in stone next to the entry to the church… or inscribed on a sign next to the chair where I sit to read my daily devotional and to pray… or better yet posted over the front door to our home (both coming in and leaving) as a reminder that today, every day, and in every circumstance, God is evident in the details, the seemingly unimportant stuff of our moment by moment, offering renewal, and hope, and promise, and life.

Your Renewal is Enclosed.



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