one more day of renovation…


hanging blinds….

It’s been an extra busy day so far, so I’m posting late and posting just a little. But I’ll share a funny story to set the mood.

My Friday launched with enjoying breakfast at the new Panera Bread with one of my best friends; I always enjoy sitting down, sipping coffee, and having a relaxed conversation with one of the guys from our church. It’s the “doing life together” extension of the small group experience. Meeting together Saturday morning or on Wednesday evenings is great – but it’s the extra connections, one-on-one, that I value more than anything else.

Then, when I got home, I sat down at my desk to write for forty-five minutes before getting on with my day’s work; (this is the funny story part…). That’s when Rebekah – who has been itching to move ahead with some of the finishing details that go with remodeling – comes in and starts moving furniture so she can take down the crooked blinds that need replacing.

It’s a well-know fact that it’s impossible to write when your wife – who has a recently broken neck and a bad lower back – starts to do strenuous handywoman work less than two feet away.

“Don’t worry,” she said; “don’t pay any attention to me; I’ve got this.”

Of course I immediately got to work on the project! That took care of at least the next two-and-a-half hours, which is how long it eventually took to finish putting up the new blinds. Because, guess what, the hardware that held up the old blinds won’t work with the new ones… and the new hardware has different spacing for the screw holes so I have to make new ones… and, I’m sure you can guess, there was some unusual and unprecedented anomaly with the instructions (I’m being sarcastic, BTW), and the blinds actually connect in the supports exactly opposite to how the instructions directed.

Who knew? But I do have un-wonky blinds now.


extractor fan guts

Meanwhile, two guys showed up to install a new extractor fan in the almost-complete bathroom remodel. Apparently that’s a much bigger job than I had imagined. I’ve seen stuff come out from under cabinets before, and I’ve seen nastiness from areas that stayed too wet for too long… but I’ve never seen anything like the stuff they pulled out of the ceiling. It looked like one of those unfortunate scenes from Braveheart!

So here we go; I’ll share a couple of pics from today’s episode of “Rebekah and Derek remodel every square inch of their house.” I’ll try to do a serious photo shoot when the bathroom is finally completed, but these should give you an idea.

Don’t forget to watch this space for something more inspirational tomorrow. And, if you’ve missed it, I believe it’s worth the click to go back and read my thoughts about terrorism and London – The London Attack, It’s Time to Think Differently.

Regardless, have a most wonderful weekend – DEREK

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