“let your light so shine…”

No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.Matthew 5:15-16

1-IMG_2454My last three posts reported on the retreat, and how grateful I am to be in a position where God uses me to encourage other men in their faith. But today’s will comment on other elements of my time in Ohio – the travel, the town, and the hospitality.

Regarding travel, I have a love-hate relationship with flying. Despite all the inconveniences, the annoying security protocols, and the overcrowding, there’s still a romance and an aura of excitement surrounding airports, jets, and hurtling through the air at 20,000 feet.

Disciples in Delaware:


After the retreat was over I got to spend an extra day with my hosts – Chuck and Peggy Stringham. We first met the Stringhams when they moved to Brandon our last few years in Florida. They invested themselves in every aspect of church life, joined our “Parents of Grads” small group, then moved back to Ohio a couple of years ago.

Chuck and Peggy don’t just attend church, they live as committed disciples. They understand just how transformational following Jesus can be, and their faith works systemically rather than as a merely topical application.

The Stringhams invited their pastor and her husband to dinner Sunday evening, and we enjoyed a long – often hilarious – conversation about living as witnesses to light and love in and around the township of Delaware, Ohio.

1-IMG_2538In addition to the people I met, I also instantly loved the town. Delaware has engaging, active, picture-perfect town center, full of restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and more. It’s one of those places where you want to park your car and then meander for a few hours.

So enjoy these last photos from my weekend adventure, and think about what it means to be “witnesses to light and love” in your home, church, neighborhood, workplace, and community.

Think about it… and then make the decision to follow Jesus.

In love, and because of love – DEREK

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  1. Derek,
    Brian and I enjoyed spending Sunday evening with you. Your time with these men of FPC has touched each and everyone. I’ve asked them about their time together and they have responded with words of joy and appreciation. Today the shyest one in your group came to me and he was alive with conversation about the weekend. May God continue to bless your ministry.


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    • Thanks, Deb! Your guys are great. I appreciated the opportunity to get to know them a little, and to encourage the excellent ongoing work at FPC Delaware. Dinner with you and Brian was icing on the cake. Peace and more – Derek


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