This week in pictures – the five best

1-IMG_3460-001Today – Friday – I’m showcasing the five best photos of the week.

Writing may be my trade, but I understand the power of an image to tell a story – it’s what I enjoy the most about photography. The pictures I shared from Walk Through Bethlehem this past weekend are a great example.

Then, this morning, I took a few minutes to scroll through this week’s collection. I picked out five images that I find particularly arresting. The grandchildren – David and Beks, a Christmas dinner with good people, Rebekah dressing the tree, the grandchildren again. Here they are, with minimal commentary.

  1. Our grandson, David, is learning how to ice-skate, and this week he Facetime-called me to share how excited he is. This picture captures his joy and the unparalleled beauty of enthusiastic childhood.
  2. Our granddaughter, Beks, has a new favorite thing to do, and that’s to help her mother wrap Christmas presents. Creative gift-giving is something our daughter, Naomi, would win hands-down if it were an Olympic event.
  3. 1-IMG_E3440Monday evening Rebekah was asked to do the opening prayer at the annual Wake Forest Community Christmas Dinner. The best part of the evening, however, was the recognition of Mandy Duigood – our Director of Food Ministries – as Citizen of the Year (that’s Mandy, with Rebekah, in front of the Christmas tree). Or, as I put it in my blog post, “Mandy is Wake Forest’s individual – person – citizen – rockstar of the year!”
  4. I don’t usually do black-and-white, but the image of Rebekah dressing the tree captures the mood perfectly. All that’s missing in this post is Henry Mancini and the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas, playing in the background.
  5. Yes, it’s cheesy. But I love, love, love the snowglobe version of last week’s photo featuring me with my amazing grandchildren. If that doesn’t make you feel festive, then I’m not sure what will.

Enjoy the pictures, below (they are in order to match the descriptions), and it’s my prayer that your today will be full with grace, promise, love, joy, hope, and peace – all this and more!

In love, and because of love – DEREK



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