Classic photos from Christmas at WFPC!


1-DSC_1087Here’s my simple gift for today – a wonderful gallery of photos from worship Sunday morning at WFPC.

We had three completely different experiences during the day. First, a “no-rehearsal” pageant that involved probably 100 children, coming and going, dressed up as a wide variety of angels (a bunch), shepherds, wise men, a star, the Holy Family, sheep, cows (lots of cows) etc. There were also – possibly, maybe – a dinosaurĀ and a unicorn and a Power Ranger but I’m not sure, it was hard to tell in the general melee of children.

Then there was the traditional worship service of hymns, carols, readings, choir music, candles, a message, and the beauty of a sanctuary overflowing with young and old. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen the sanctuary so spectacular.

Then, late in the evening (pictures maybe added later) communion and candlelight to welcome in Christmas Day.

These images are some of the best I have ever taken during worship. Enjoy, and let me know if you want any of the digital negatives.

  1. Family Service
  2. Traditional worship
  3. Midnight (the last 4)

Peace and more peace, multiplied by joy this Christmas Day! – DEREK




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