Dog Blog – catching up on our ancient Labradoodle


A couple of days ago I captured a photograph of our Labradoodle, Scout, walking across the front garden. I was struck by how “senior” she appeared. Then I realized she will be twelve in just a couple of weeks and – for a large dog – she really is an old lady.

The next day, Thursday, she was scheduled for a grooming. So I set her up for a photo-shoot as soon as we arrived home. One of Scout’s special gifts is her ability to “de-groom” almost instantaneously. So I had to act fast.

1-DSC_0042Scout Labradoodle is certainly getting on in years, plus there is the rheumatism in her hips, and the bad back, and the allergies, and all those tumors. But when I look at her face – and, once in a while, when she tries to steal something, empty a trash can, or “kill” a box of Kleenex – she is still that same fun-loving, people-loving, “this world is my playground” puppy who turn our world upside down back in 2006.

So enjoy these photos, and pray that she will remain happy, and content, and comfortable as she slows down – inevitably, little by little – and as she continues to bless our home with love, and humor, and her unshakable, audacious, cheeky, indomitable spirit.



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