Photo-essay from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences


Architecture, Light, and Photography:



Thursday’s vacation adventure played out in the city, where Rebekah and I spent a few hours looking around the most excellent North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

The exhibits helped us to understand more about our state’s unique topography, geology, vegetation, wildlife, and natural history. Stretching from the Appalachian Mountains in the west, through the Piedmont, across the Sand Hills and the Coastal Plains, then all the way to the Outer Banks, North Carolina offers a little of everything and a lot to explore.

1-IMG_5658Today’s post, however, is more about the experience of the museum itself than the exhibits. The architecture, the downtown setting, the way the exhibits are set up, the way the light plays – much more about the photography than the words.

There should be 26 photos – enjoy!



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