How to Celebrate 90: the best of the photographs

Wow! My dad’s 90th birthday went off beautifully. What a great celebration of faith and family and life. Essentially, today’s post will comprise a slide-show of the best photographs; but first I do want to comment on a few of the many blessings.

If you haven’t read my message to my dad, then click here. It says a lot about living faith out loud as a follower of Jesus.

  1. Dad was able to enjoy every minute of the party. The best part of the day by far was simply watching “Mr. Ninety” having a great time.
  2. Our grandchildren – David and Beks – worked so hard to help. From decorating the front door, to folding napkins, to setting the table, to dusting and sweeping, and absolutely everything we asked. What great kids!
  3. Having our children, Andrew and Naomi, here with us together. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does we couldn’t be happier. Their cousin, Hannah, came up from Florida with her daughter Hayley. So my dad had all three of his grandchildren here for the celebration.
  4. The food (thanks to the amazing catering of Mandy and Sandie) was perfect. Not just great but a true Southern feast. Perfectly prepared pork barbeque (thanks Paul), loaded potato salad, beyond good baked beans (plus), perfect coleslaw, a custom-designed Victoria sponge cake to my dad’s specifications.
  5. Everyone around the table – including the children – shared a “grandpa memory” from their heart.


One of my favorite photos captures one of these shared memory moments, when my mum talked about when they met and said, “He still makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him walk into a room.” I managed to catch the look they exchanged when she said that. I wish that more people adequately cherished the gift of such a long-term committed relationship rooted in faith.

Taking “the group shot” – especially with tripod and timer/delay – is always an experience fraught with unintended comedy. So enjoy, I’ve included one of the bloopers too. The photographs are all in order, beginning with Beks so proud of her table and ending with goodbye again to our children.

We are family. We are loved in so many ways. We are blessed – DEREK


  1. Those pictures made me smile, what a beautiful picture of your mom looking at your dad holding the card at the table. Priceless! Derek, you will cherish these pictures on your 90th birthday!!

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