Antebellum (Ya-Ya Sisterhood) Plantation Mansion Touches Our Souls

“When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age.” – Victor Hugo

1-DSC_0798This is a house with both a rich ancient spirit and a young vibrant heart. Here are the promised photographs. I’ll make the writing part fairly simple because the story is in the images. Besides, even a long post could never begin to do justice to this amazing house and its gracious custodians, the hosts who generously received us.

Built circa 1855 on a large working plantation, the Buckner Hill mansion has all the features you would hope for. Floor-length windows, 12-foot wide hallways, high ceilings, detailed plaster moldings, wide heart-pine planking, its timbers literally dripping with story.

There’s the famous story – the mansion was the featured residence in the classic Sandra Bullock movie The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya-Sisterhood (2002) – and then there is the story that is still being written.

Terry and Brad

The home’s current owners, Terry and Brad, love the property with a passion that was obvious the moment we walked through the grand entry. They have done a lot to bring the place into the 21st Century while respecting its history and adding their own style and elegance.

The mansion carries itself with a consummate dignity, an elderly, venerable gravitas that speaks of both a past and a future.

When we rolled out and headed for dinner at the Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, I was both enriched and inspired. You know, there may well be a novel waiting inside those antebellum walls.

Peace and more – Derek

(there are a lot of pictures, but more than worth scrolling through)




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