“Some Kind of Wonderful” (the life-charged community of faith)

So here’s the second post. This was published immediately after we left Brandon. We were already most of the way to North Carolina by August 12th and I needed to post something about the church we had just left. “Some Kind of Wonderful” just fit. So there it is. Tomorrow I’ll get on with something happening right now in 2018, something amazing and encouraging – because memories are okay but it is today where God calls us to shine.
So shine already. Enjoy this memory then move on, and let’s SHINE TODAY!

Derek Maul: Words, Photographs, and Food for the Journey

DSC_0179ep·i·logue: The other day, as I was cruising Brandon Boulevard in our rented minivan, I found myself thinking about how to title my “tribute” post to First Presbyterian Church of Brandon, and put some closure on yesterday’s poignant events. Then – “poof” – there it was, all over 107.3 on my FM dial. I heard the 80’s band Grand Funk Railroad blasting out “Somekinda Wonderful” at full volume. “That’s it!” I told Rebekah, “That’s the headline when I write my official goodbye!”

I tried not to be paparazzi yesterday morning; my friend (and excellent photographer) Richard Crawford was handling “document this” duties, but I did indulge myself with a couple of images of Rebekah handing out Bibles, preaching and then offering the benediction with Tim. So I’ll intersperse today’s post with four photographs from our last Sunday.

Madision recieving her Bible, and some love Madision receiving her Bible, and some love

NEWS YOU CAN USE: One of the local newspapers asked…

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