simple decorating big impact

I’m not trying to be all “Southern Living Christmas Edition” here, but some of Rebekah’s nuanced design touches do almost fit in that genre of presentation. Hey, I’ve written professional fluff for architectural magazines before, so I could certainly come up with some of that here.

(But I wont, so don’t worry, I’m done with fluff and will not subject you to it in this blog!)

1-DSC_0965This year Rebekah and I have gone with a more low-key approach to decorating. Two small shrubs instead of a big tree. Small groupings of decorations rather than rooms overflowing with light and festive bling. More subtle, less gaudy; less emphasis on volume, more on story.

So I’ll share a few key photos here and let you peruse at your leisure, and move on without additional comment…

Except for this. Christmas is most certainly something to get excited about and to go overboard for. This is big news, this Incarnation stuff. So don’t miss the beauty of the real story in the middle of all the decorations and the gifts.

Peace – and more – DEREK


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