a feast for the eye and a joy to the heart

This morning I’m working on a big article with a looming deadline, so I’ll share a new handful of bird photographs for everyone to enjoy.

I wish I’d had the same interest in photography when we lived in Florida, because the clientele visiting our garden was completely different. With the golf course behind us (we were on the 7th hole) there was a nice wide landing area so the huge Sandhill Cranes would swoop in like 747s, landing on the green then walking down the slope and onto our lawn.

Here, our home nestled into the woods and 665 miles to the north with seasonal migrations at play, we’re still learning to identify many of our feathered visitors.

Regardless of species, they are a feast for the eyes and a joy to the heart. I’ll post a gallery from yesterday for you to enjoy while I get my other work done.

Additionally, here are links to a few more recent bird shoots:

  1. Birds!
  2. More Birds!
  3. One more set of birds!!!

Peace and blessings – always – DEREK


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