Goodness all around #5-Photo-Friday

This past week’s photography involved everything from fun with grandchildren to cooking for the church staff to birds in the garden and more.

So here – in the 5-Photo-Friday tradition – are five images worth viewing that I skipped over in the dozens that I have already shared.


1-DSC_1317I don’t think I will ever tire of watching the wide variety of visitors attracted by the feeders in the back garden.

One day – maybe after we are retired – I’m going to invest in a super-telephoto lens and park myself on the deck with all the patience of a man who doesn’t have writing deadlines and teaching responsibilities and other distractions.

Regardless, the birds are one more reason to be grateful, and joyful, and in a worshipful frame of mind.


1-IMG_3547I have a fun post coming up around the “Resonator” guitar my friend Hans loaned me this morning. But for now the music around Maul-Hall is all Rebekah learning her ukelele.

The question, “What does the preacher do when she is home sick?” can be answered in a couple of ways. First, she doses up on cold medicine and goes to meetings anyway. Then she sets up her computer, her headphones, and her ukelele and pulls up instructional YouTube videos so she can make good use of the time.

Rebekah is making great progress and I am so glad we made sure to purchase an actual quality instrument (see photos here).

Food and Gratitude:

1-IMG_3526Today I’m already up to my elbows in everything necessary to make Lasagna from scratch for “Italian Night” with friends this evening. Earlier in the week I enjoyed the privilege of fixing lunch for the church staff. But in between these special initiatives, there is the day-to-day routine of regular meals.

So I am grateful – always – for the wonderful kitchen Rebekah designed for me. This photo illustrates chili for the church staff (recipe here)  making great progress on the back burner while I paused to prepare Shrimp Carbonara for our evening meal on the front.

Other highlights from the week include Rebekah’s powerful message last Sunday, visiting A Place At the Table Wednesday, Bible-study with the guys that evening, and the extensive photo-shoot with the most beautiful grandchildren.

Enjoy, click away on the linkis, thank God for the moments that represent grace and joy in your own life, and don’t forget to live like you mean it today, and every day.




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